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Zofran Lawyers: Meet Our Experienced Attorneys

The popular anti-nausea drug Zofran, commonly prescribed to prevent the symptoms of morning sickness, has been linked to an increased risk for major birth defects.

While Zofran has never been approved for use during pregnancy, physicians have been prescribing it to pregnant women for two decades. In 2012, the US Federal Government proposed its own theory to explain Zofran’s drastic increase in sales, charging GlaxoSmithKline for unlawfully promoting the drug “off label” as a safe and effective morning sickness treatment, without having produced any scientific data to demonstrate its safety or efficacy during pregnancy.

While this litigation is currently closed, learn more about a Zantac lawsuit from our team of attorneys.

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Published: 0707/2727/15151515
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"The lawyers that form this alliance truly work on these cases and often take leadership positions on the steering committees that litigate them." - Laurence Banville

Now several major epidemiological studies have found that women who take Zofran during the first trimester are more than twice as likely to deliver children with:

  • cleft palate and
  • certain congenital heart defects.

And a wave of recent lawsuits claim that GlaxoSmithKline, Zofran’s manufacturer, has been concealing evidence of the drug’s link to birth defects for years.

Why Should I Choose Banville Law?

Bringing a personal injury claim against a large pharmaceutical conglomerate like GlaxoSmithKline isn’t the same as suing a private individual. Giant corporations have vast resources, both financial and legal, and most attempt to deny liability at every turn. In fact, GlaxoSmithKline has already denied any and all wrongdoing in relation to the “off label” promotion of Zofran alleged by the US Federal Government.

In order to secure justice for your family, you’ll need legal counsel just as aggressive. You’ll need experienced litigators who have challenged large corporate Defendants in the past. You’ll need a legal team at your side who is attentive, compassionate and answers your pressing questions every step of the way.

Banville Law has joined an alliance of distinguished plaintiffs’ attorneys to pursue legal claims against GlaxoSmithKline. Many of our lawyers have substantial experience litigating mass torts, and many have devoted their entire practices to pursuing dangerous pharmaceutical drug claims.

Michael Monheit, Esq.

With over 20 years of experience as a trial attorney, Michael Monheit, Esq. leads our alliance of Zofran birth defect lawyers. Michael is himself the father of a child with special needs and draws on personal experience to provide compassionate counsel to parents and birth defect survivors. Focusing on claims involving harmful pharmaceutical products, Michael is committed to fighting for the rights of patients across the country.

Over his more than two-decade career, Michael’s work has received national recognition. Selected by the American Association for Justice as chair of the Fosamax Litigation Group, Michael was chosen to lead a wide-reaching class action involving Fosamax, an osteoporosis drug made by Merck & Co., one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. He has served as lead counsel in multiple class actions against public housing authorities, seeking justice for children exposed to lead paint. As a member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering and Executive Committee in MDL 1148, Michael sought to promote corporate accountability in the latex industry.

Michael currently serves on the board for The Cleft Lip And Palate Foundation of Smiles, a nonprofit devoted to promoting social understanding of orofacial clefts like cleft palate.

Elizabeth Graham, Esq.

Leading the complex pharmaceutical litigation practice at Grant & Eisenhofer, Elizabeth Graham has devoted her practice to class actions and multidistrict litigations for more than 25 years.

Elizabeth represented families in a class action filed against Sulzer Orthopedics, a medical device manufacturer whose defective prosthetic hips harmed thousands. The action ultimately settled for over $1 billion.

In Borman Automotive v. American Honda Motor Corp., Ms. Graham served as lead counsel and was integral to securing a settlement of $435 million. She has represented over 100 families injured by environmental toxins, and her counsel has led to confidential settlements in excess of $25 million.

Robert Jenner, Esq.

With over 28 years of legal experience, Robert Jenner leads the Mass Tort practice at Janet, Jenner & Suggs. Robert focuses his practice on claims related to dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices.

Mr. Jenner is routinely acknowledged by the prestigious peer-reviewed legal service Best Lawyers and has been ranked among the nation’s best Mass Tort litigators. Robert currently co-chairs the Zofran Litigation Group at the American Association for Justice.

Brian Mittman, Esq.

Brian Mittman has protected the rights of injury victims for over 20 years as a partner at New York’s Markhoff & Mittman. Brian, a devoted father, is an ardent supporter of the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, assisting the organization in raising awareness and its fundraising initiatives.

Laurence Banville, Esq.

Banville Law’s managing partner, Laurence Banville brings years of experience as a defense attorney for asbestos manufacturers to our alliance of Zofran birth defect lawyers. Laurence’s experience defending large corporations adds a crucial understanding of how manufacturers seek to deny liability.

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Along with our alliance of experienced litigators, Banville Law offers a free consultation to any parent who believes that prenatal exposure to Zofran may have caused a child’s birth defect.

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