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To date, there have not been any Xarelto lawsuit settlements.  No Xarelto lawsuits have yet proceeded to trial.

Why Do Companies Settle?

Large pharmaceutical companies may decide to enter settlement agreements depending on how the initial trials go. Rather than progressing to trial proceedings in each case, the defendants may decide to enter a settlement agreement to minimize court and defense expenses.  Settlement agreements can also offer high profile defendants the possibility of reducing further media exposure and scrutiny.

In settlement agreements, plaintiffs and defendants meet together to negotiate a suitable amount of compensation that is acceptable for both parties.  Settlements can be reached either before the trial has started or during its proceedings.

How Much Will Xarelto Lawsuits Settle For?

It is impossible to predict at this point how much a Xarelto lawsuit will settle for since each case is being filed as an individual personal injury lawsuit and the circumstances of these lawsuits vary greatly from one to the other.

While we cannot estimate how much a Xarelto lawsuit will settle for at this time, a litigation involving a similar blood thinner was recently settled. Boehringer Ingelheim settled 4,000 lawsuits, filed in relation to its own blood thinner drug Pradaxa, for $650 million.

The lawsuit settlements will vary because each lawsuit will contain a variety of economic and non-economic damages. Things such as treatment costs, medical expenses, long-term care, loss of earnings, loss of future income claims, and funeral and burial expenses all fall under the category of economic damages.  Non-economic damages consist of things such as pain and suffering for the injuries or the pain and suffering caused by losing a loved one.

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The lawyers at Banville Law are very experienced in these legal matters and will work with other professionals and actuaries to determine the economic and non-economic damages for each case.

We will be following the Xarelto litigation closely and will report on Xarelto settlements as they are made, so check back here in the future for updates.

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