Over 18,000 Xarelto lawsuits are now filed in federal and state courts across the country, but attorneys believe that many injured patients have yet to step forward.

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If you or a loved one suffered severe injuries after taking Xarelto, contact our experienced lawyers today. You may be eligible to secure significant financial compensation. We can help.

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Our experienced lawyers have already helped hundreds of patients pursue their best interests.

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If you or a loved one were injured by Xarelto, you will need experienced legal guidance to ensure that you secure maximum compensation for your losses and injuries.  Through a Xarelto lawsuit, you will have the chance to be compensated for a full range of damages and acquire a sum that could potentially cover every aspect in which your life has been changed.

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The Xarelto lawyers at Banville Law are here to help you.  Contact us today for a consultation and case evaluation at no cost to you.  Banville Law works on a contingency-fee basis and believes that our success should only come with the success of our clients, meaning that there is no charge to you until we win compensation in your case.  In working with Banville Law, you will have compassionate attorneys on your side who will keep you informed every step of the way and fight for your rights.

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If you choose to file a Xarelto lawsuit, trust that you will be in good hands with Banville Law.  At Banville Law, we are very proud of our track record in regards to standing up for victim’s rights against intimidating defendants.  While our attorneys are only licensed to practice law in New York State, through our work on Xarelto litigation we have built a network of excellent working relationships with lawyers all across the country who are also working on Xarelto lawsuits.  Our primary offices are in Manhattan, New York City, but we regularly take cases throughout the state of New York and can refer cases to trusted advocates across the country.

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We have been successful in gaining significant compensation for our clients who have suffered serious injuries.  To date, no Xarelto lawsuits have been settled, so these numbers do not reflect the potential outcomes of Xarelto lawsuits, but they do show you our attorney’s commitment to our client’s success in trial.

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