Xarelto Lawsuit Commercials

Xarelto Lawsuit Commercials 2016-10-28T11:12:16+00:00

Xarelto has been heavily promoted by its manufacturers as a convenient blood thinner and an easier alternative than other blood thinners.  You have probably seen its advertisements on television with famous race car drivers and golf players promoting the drug.  These misleading promotional techniques and the hold that Xarelto has on the blood thinner market as a result are being highlighted in several complainant’s cases against the drug.

You probably have also seen advertisements on television for lawsuits against Xarelto, citing the side effects of uncontrollable internal bleeding and wrongful death and advertising legal services.  You may have even heard these advertisements on the radio.  We are currently not affiliated with any of these television or radio commercials regarding Xarelto litigation.