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Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder TV Commercial

Talcum Powder Commercial Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson has long been one of the most dependable companies in the United States. For more than a century, consumers have trusted J&J to “put the needs and well-being of the people [they] serve first.

And yet, recent baby powder lawsuit settlements have highlighted Johnson & Johnson’s negligence in upholding this creed. Billions of dollars in punitive and compensatory damages have already been awarded by judges and juries; thousands of other lawsuits still remain active.

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Published: 0909/2323/20202020
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Talcum Powder Commercial Phone Number

Were you or a loved one diagnosed with ovarian cancer after long-term use of talcum powder? You may be eligible to seek substantial compensation for your damages in a talc lawsuit.

If you’re not sure if you have a valid case, contact our experienced attorneys today to learn more in a free case review. Simply call our 24/7 phone helpline or fill out the form on this page to be contacted.

TV Ads: Asbestos in Baby Powder and Talc

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder, as well as Valeant Pharmaceutical’s Shower to Shower Body Powder, were found by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in 2019 to contain trace amounts of the carcinogenic mineral asbestos.

You’ve likely heard radio or TV commercials speaking of the dangers of asbestos. Unfortunately, this is the same asbestos which has been found in small quantities in talcum powder products. The quantities of asbestos found in some talc products may be small, but prolonged exposure to this hazardous mineral has been linked to ovarian cancer.

Regrettably, prolonged exposure is exactly what many users of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder report, given the product’s widespread personal hygiene applications. Countless unsuspecting American families have trusted J&J’s baby powder enough to apply it to their baby’s delicate skin; endless others continued using the same talc products into adulthood if not throughout their entire lives.

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Talc Powder Lawsuit TV Commercials

Numerous law firms have begun producing and airing baby powder lawsuit TV commercials alerting women to the possibility of legal action.

In many of these ads, attorneys say that decades of medical research have linked Johnson & Johnson’s popular talc-based body powders to an increased risk of ovarian cancer. But as many women have noted, the baby powders don’t have any warning about this potentially deadly health risk.

Most disconcerting of all, now-public information obtained from past investigations into the matter found that Johnson & Johnson may have known all along about the presence of asbestos in their talcum.

Internal company memos, some from as far back as the 1970s, demonstrate how employees of the talcum powder manufacturer expressed their concerns about the presence of asbestos in their talc. Evidently, many of these internal warnings were disregarded or simply not heeded enough.

Today, in the year 2020, nearly 20,000 women have already filed suit against Johnson & Johnson, accusing the multinational corporation of concealing vital safety information regarding their talcum powder products – information that could have saved lives.

These victims didn’t take legal action for gratuitous reasons. They’re demanding a much-need compensation which they require to cover rising medical expenses, lost wages, and pain & suffering they’ve been subject to as a result of using the company’s talcum powder.

Patients, Families Win Millions In Talc Powder Cancer Verdicts

But this litigation is far from new. In fact, six talcum powder lawsuits have already been heard before a jury. The verdicts? After reviewing relevant medical evidence and damning corporate documents, five of these state court juries have held Johnson & Johnson responsible for hiding the potential link between baby powder and ovarian cancer. One woman was awarded $55 million in compensation, the New York Daily News reports. In a separate wrongful death case, the family of a woman who lost her battle to cancer won a staggering $72 million.

More recently, a California jury awarded $417 million to one 63-year-old woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talc every day since early childhood. It was the first talcum powder case to be heard outside of St. Louis, where many similar lawsuits are pending in a Missouri state court.

J&J Baby Powder Cancer TV Commercials In 2020 – Billions In Compensation

The settlements and court awards discussed above should paint a clear picture for those wondering if they can an ovarian cancer lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. Many radio and TV commercials have also done a proper job of communicating the substantial potential for compensation that victims of this gross negligence possess.

Perhaps most notably, many of the most popular talc powder lawsuit TV commercials make mention of billion-dollar settlements. These claims aren’t only intended to grab your attention – they’re quite factual.

In 2018, 22 women and their families were awarded a total of $4.7 billion in compensation and punitive damages as a result of their lawsuit about talcum powder against J&J. As could be expected, Johnson & Johnson appealed the verdict and it had been going through the court system ever since.

In June of 2020, the Eastern District Missouri Court of Appeals once more ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. The payout was halved to $2.1 billion due to some of the plaintiffs residing outside of Missouri. Nevertheless, the court once more highlighted the “evil motive or reckless indifference” shown by the defendant (Johnson & Johnson) when, during decades, they refused to pull the baby powder from shelves even after finding that it could contain asbestos.

J&J Discontinues Talc-Based Products In 2020

Around May of 2020, Johnson & Johnson publicly announced that it would no longer sell talc-based products in North America. The company claimed that misinformation about their baby powder and other talcum products had caused sales to decrease significantly.

As a result, Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder or Shower to Shower Body Powder may not be seen on store shelves for much longer. And yet, the damage has already been done. Victims have already been forced to fight the battle against ovarian cancer. Families have already had to bury their loved ones.

For those affected by this massive corporation’s negligence, hope should remain.

You are not alone in your struggle. Know that the civil justice system makes it possible to fight. Most importantly, it makes it possible to win and be made whole once more.

We can’t turn back the hands of time and undo the damage that has been done. But by seeking reparations for the damages suffered, victims can hold responsible those whose carelessness led to needless suffering and death.

Free Consultations: Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Legal experts believe the successful verdicts we’ve discussed on this page are only the beginning.

While numerous women and families have already filed suit, observers say there may be thousands of other ovarian cancer patients who have yet to step forward. Moreover, as shown above, hundreds of nameless families who have felt the deep pain of their loved one passing due to ovarian cancer may still be eligible to file their own wrongful death claims.

At, our experienced attorneys are admittedly not skilled in the art of TV commercial production. On the other hand, what we are is fiercely committed to pursuing justice for individuals and families who believe that Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder or other talc products may have contributed to a case of ovarian cancer.

Our lawyers are currently offering free talcum powder lawsuit consultations. Learn more about your legal options – at no cost and no obligation. Contact us today.

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