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Table Saw Injuries: When To File A Lawsuit

Can I Sue For A Table Saw Injury?

Every year, thousands of construction workers and woodworkers sustain life-threatening or serious injuries caused by the use of a table saw. The majority of these table saw injuries are caused by a flaw in the table saw design or improper use by the operator. When a serious injury does occur, it can leave the operator with devastating injuries such as deep cuts, lacerations on fingers, or even hand amputations. Common accidents in the United States are caused by:

  • Improper blade guard placement
  • Use of table saws without proper safety features
  • Saws without SawStop technology

If you or someone you love suffered severe table saw injuries, contact our table saw accident lawyers to schedule your free consultation. 

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What Is A Primary Hazard Of Using Table Saws?

In 2017, there was an estimated 64,000 table saw injury cases from across the United States with a quarter of them requiring emergency attention, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Of those thousands of operators, a few thousand require hospitalization that has resulted in horrific life-long injuries.

The majority of these saw injuries are caused during the process of force-feeding lumber into the table saw blade to cut and shape the material. Typically, injuries can happen if an operator's fingers or hands slip while using the dangerous power tool, often leading to rotating blade contact with human skin.

Losing a limb can end a career for an operator, leaving them to be unable to support themselves or their family. Our product liability law firm can help you seek financial compensation for your table saw injuries that can help pay for medical bills, loss of wages, emotional pain and suffering and other accident-related injuries.

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Types Of Table Saw Injuries: What To Avoid

The most common type of effect from the table saw blade is amputations of parts of the human body, usually fingers and hands. Victims of injuries often require multiple surgeries to help regain functional use of hands, including physical therapy and other types of treatments. Other injuries caused by table saws often include:

Blade Contact & Non-Contact Injures:

  • Lacerations to body parts
  • Injuries to limbs caused by blade table saws
  • Saw blade cuts from the slipped grasp of materials
  • Blunt trauma due to kickback causing cut material to spin out of control
  • Respiratory or eye injuries created by sawdust

Table Saw Safety & Precautions

With the proper safety equipment and safety precautions, accidents related to saws can be slowly decreased. With the use of eye protection, safety guards, blade guards, and the revolutionary piece of technology, a SawStop, we can reduce the high number of table saw accidents every year. Ways to reduce accidents and reinforce consumer product safety is as follows:

  • Read through the saw's user manual
  • Install a precautionary device like a riving knife to protect yourself while using the power tool
  • Purchase a table saw that comes with blade guards like a SawStop to reduce the risk of serious injury from saw blades
  • Use a push stick when operating any types of power tools such as a band saw or different models of table saws
  • Make sure to verify the guard in place before operating the work piece to avoid injury
  • Use a rip fence to help guide the blade to ensure you protect your limbs from getting close to the blade
  • Never reach over the blade
  • When you're finished operating the piece of machinery, allow the blade to stop on its own
  • Always make use of the attached safety device
  • Always wear the appropriate equipment such as goggles, gloves, and masks to protect your eyes, lungs, and hands from the blade


Table Saw Accident Lawsuits - Seek Compensation

Though we can't always keep up with the number of injuries associated with saws, we can continue to file claims against the power tool industry until they acknowledge the dangers of the technology they put out to consumers. Table saws will always pose some level of danger to the user, but they are still required to have the proper guards such as a riving knife and an informative user manual to avoid any chance of an accident occurring.

If you or someone you love has sustained serious injuries caused by a saw accident, it is important to look into the details of the accident to determine who is responsible for your injury. Power tool companies are required to provide the necessary protection technology and proper placement of the blade guard for each piece of machinery. The power tool industry often cuts corners on the safety of table saws, thus contributing to the high dangers posed to the operator.

Thousands of construction workers and woodworkers have sustained injuries from blades that have led to amputation, and severe injury to users. If you'd like to learn more about how our legal team can help you receive financial compensation for your injury, contact us to schedule your free case evaluation today.

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