Over recent months numerous Paraguard lawsuit commercials have likely caught your attention. Paragard is a popular intrauterine device (IUD) that has for decades been used for birth control. However, Paragard has recently come under scrutiny for its potential to harm the patients it’s intended to help.

2020 Paragard Lawsuits

Women harmed by implanted Paragard IUDs have now stepped forward with legal claims against the device manufacturers. Did you or a loved one suffer injuries during or after a Paragard explantation procedure? Are you suffering from other medical conditions caused by a Paragard IUD?

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What Is Paragard?

The intrauterine device (IUD) Paragard was first introduced in the year 1984 as a temporarily implanted contraceptive. Upon its release, the device was only approved for four years of continuous use. That is, four years implanted inside a female patient’s body.

As the product spent more time on the market, this maximum-use guideline was extended. In their lastest iteration, Paragard implants are advertised as safe for up to 10 years of continuous use.

Paragard IUD Implant XRay

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Paragard Injuries Appear

Mounting evidence suggests that the implant, if left inside the body for a long time, could actually produce injuries in the patient when it eventually has to be extracted.

To understand why Paragard can be damaging, it’s helpful to understand how Paragard works.

Structurally, Paragard is a plastic “frame” that is then wrapped in copper. You’ve likely seen it on TV commercials or ads before – it’s a familiar T shape. The device is then manually inserted or implanted into a patient’s uterus.

The copper is a critical piece as it creates an inflammatory reaction. It is this inflammation that kills any live sperm in the uterus and ultimately produces the desired birth control effect.

Paragard is marketed as a safer contraceptive because it is hormone-free. Nevertheless, it is becoming more and more evident that this subjective advantage may be offset by the harm that patients have suffered when it comes time to remove their Paragard implant.

Injuries from Paragard tend to appear at the time of extraction. Since the device isn’t intended to be used permanently, it must be replaced after a certain number of years.

Paragard Explantation Can Lead To ComplicationsMetal Forceps On Surgery Table

Extraction procedures are relatively simple procedures; a healthcare professional manually removes the IUD without the need for surgery. However, it is during extraction that the device has been found to fail.

Over time, the plastic frame becomes quite brittle and may break during extraction as it must be manipulated to be removed. The fragments of the IUD can cause other devastating injuries. In fact, victims of such Paragard complications have even had to undergo hysterectomies.

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Injured Patients File Defective Paragard IUD Lawsuits Against Manufacturers

The injuries suffered as a result of a Paragard device failing are severe and life-changing. Victims affected have the right to take legal action – and they have.

As it stands, as many as 55 individual complaints are pending in almost 30 US District Courts throughout the country. With the widespread use of the device, there are likely to be more in the future.

The potential for Paragard to cause patients undue harm is real, and those who have been affected deserve justice. Through litigation, victims can receive the compensation they need to recover.

Paragard TV Commercials Warn Of Health Hazards

The potential injuries caused by Paragard have recently become popularized. Radio and TV ads about Paragard lawsuits have been effective in warning consumers.

Yet, there are countless others who haven’t been made aware of the injuries they could face. Some of the specific hazards they may face include anemia, dysmenorrhea, pain, and cramping, among others.

Is There A Class Action Lawsuit Against Paragard?

The initial lawsuits against Paragard’s manufacturers have remained as individual claims. However, the mounting number of victims have also mounted efforts to try the case as a class action or multidistrict litigation (MDL).

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Do You Qualify?

If you’ve suffered health complications from Paragard and recently saw a Paragard TV commercial, you’re likely wondering if you’re eligible.

To learn of all your legal options, it’s vital to consult your case with an attorney. More specifically, it’s important to discuss your circumstances with an attorney experienced in such cases.

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