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Ladder Recall TV Commercial: Answers After A Defective Ladder Injury

Have You Seen the Ladder Recall Commercials?

TV commercials for law firms have been notifying consumers of defective ladders made by large manufacturers like Werner Co. and Louisville Ladder. If you’ve been injured by a defect in one of these ladders, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

  • Ladder models have been recalled for dangerous defects
  • Hundreds of consumers have filed complaints
  • Dozens of lawsuits filed for defective ladder injuries

Are you curious about our legal options after a defective ladder injury? Our experienced Ladder recall law firm can help you learn more.

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Ladder Recall Commercial Lawyer: Fighting For Victims

Since at least the 1990s, major ladder manufacturers and distributors have faced legal troubles after their defective products caused customer injuries. While some of these ladders have been recalled, other defective models have remained on the market long after their dangers were known to the public. Even when a recall is issued, these companies fail to offer financial support for the customers who have already been injured by their products.

You may be one of the many customers who only became aware of these defects and recalls through a television commercial, radio advertisement, or print ad. Nearly all victims of defective ladder injuries were unaware of the widespread defect until it was too late. Law firms have taken notice of this national problem as more and more injury victims have begun to file lawsuits against these ladder manufacturers. If you’re looking for additional information after seeing one of these advertisements, you’re in the right place.

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Werner Ladder Recalls

Werner Co. has had issues with defects in at least two of their popular attic ladders. These attic ladders fold up into the ceiling for easy storage while not in use. However, certain defects have lead to some units malfunctioning, creating a serious injury hazard for anyone who uses them.

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1997 Recall For Space Master Attic Ladders

In 1997, Werner issued a recall of their Space Master sliding attic ladders (model WS2308) because of a manufacturing defect. On some units, the metal hook which was supposed to hold the ladder in place was installed incorrectly. The defective units would sometimes fall down without any warning, which could lead to fall injuries for people using the ladder and other injuries when the ladder would fall and strike someone standing or walking below.

As part of the recall, customers who already owned a Space Master ladder were given instructions for inspection and repair. However, no injury victims were awarded financial compensation for expenses related to their injuries.

Steel Easy Access Attic Ladder Not Recalled Despite Widespread Defects

Werner had further issues with defects in their Steel Easy Access Attic Ladders, which were on the market from 2003-2008. Despite receiving up to 80 complaints per week from concerned and injured customers, these models were never recalled. According to several complaints on the CSPC website, the ladder’s hinges are made of cheap, unreliable metal which easily cracks and bends. There are undoubtedly homeowners who are still risking serious injury while using these ladders, completely unaware of the manufacturing defect.

Louisville Ladder Recalls

Louisville Ladder has issued three recalls for defective products since 1999.

Extension Ladders Recalled For Extension Defect

About 25,000 units of Louisville extension ladders were recalled in 2008 because of a fall hazard. The defective units had extension sections which failed to lock into place. This failure could cause the ladder to collapse suddenly, presenting a serious injury hazard to anyone who owned one. Louisville Ladder removed the defective units from the market and issued repair kits to anyone who had already purchased one.

Defective Rungs Lead To Industrial Ladder Recall

In 2005, approximately 3,000 units of Louisville Type 1A industrial ladders were recalled because of defective rungs. These rungs were known to easily break, which posed an obvious fall hazard for anyone using the ladder. Louisville Ladder told owners of these products to stop using them immediately and call a ladder recall hotline for a replacement product.

RIDGID® Brand Stepladders Recalled For Defective Steps

In 1999, Louisville Ladder issued a recall for about 10,700 units of their RIDGID stepladders. On some units, the steps were too short and did not properly attach to the ladder. These defective steps would detach on their own, which could lead to a potentially devastating fall. Louisville Ladder told owners of these ladders to inspect their product for defects and ask for refunds from Home Depot (the exclusive retailer of this model).

Have Victims Of Defective Ladder Injuries Won Lawsuits?

Yes. If you’re wondering if there’s precedence for filing a successful lawsuit against a ladder manufacturer, there are several examples of success stories from the victims of defective ladder injuries:

  • Class Action Lawsuit Against Werner Co. – In 2013, a man named Lloyd Clemens filed a class action lawsuit against Werner Co, acting as the representative plaintiff. The lawsuit was in regards to the defective design of the company’s Steel Easy Access Ladder. While Clements eventually reached a settlement in the case, only he received compensation for his injuries. All other plaintiffs were only offered a replacement ladder.
  • Baugh v. Cuprum S.A. de C.V. – In 2015, an Illinois couple successfully sued Cuprum (a subsidiary of Louisville Ladder) after the husband suffered severe injuries in a fall from a defective ladder. They were awarded an $11 million verdict in the case.
  • Smith v. Louisville Ladder Co. – In 2001, a cable television lineman sued Louisville Ladder after a work injury, when he fell from one of their twenty-food ladders. The man suffered severe spinal cord injuries in the accident. In the lawsuit, he claimed a defective design, failure to warn, and a breach of implied warranty contributed to his accident. The jury ruled in the plaintiff’s favor and awarded him $1,487,500 in damages.

These are just a few examples from high-profile lawsuits against major ladder manufacturers. With defective ladders still in use in homes throughout the country, it’s likely that these lawsuits will become more frequent as more customers are injured by defects.

Will I Need A Lawyer To Get Financial Compensation?

Yes. If you’re planning to take legal action against a large company, it’s important to have legal representation who understands how these cases work. Product liability lawsuits are complex, and having an experienced lawyer by your side greatly increases your chances of success.

These companies employ teams of highly skilled defense lawyers who specialize in finding ways to avoid liability for defective products. In order to give yourself a fair shot, you’ll need a lawyer who understands how to gather evidence, build an effective case, and present arguments effectively in court. Our experienced personal injury lawyers specialize in these cases. We can help you demand accountability from the negligent ladder manufacturer whose defective product caused your injury.

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