Were you injured in a ladder fall which you suspect occurred because of a manufacturing or design defect? Several ladder manufacturers have had to recall multiple models for widespread defects which have posed fall hazards for customers.

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When you go to a popular hardware store and purchase a ladder or any other home improvement product, you expect it to be safe for use. A handful of companies step ladder graphicdominate the ladder manufacturing market in North America. We trust manufacturers like Werner Co. and Louisville Ladder to build their products safely and free of defects which could cause a serious accident. But even though retail giants like Home Depot and Lowes also trust these companies when stocking their inventory, several ladder manufacturers have recently faced legal action after their customers were injured due to manufacturing and design defects.

In the United States, all product manufacturers have a legal obligation to thoroughly test their products and make sure there are no defects which could pose an injury hazard to their customers. While some of these manufacturers have issued ladder recalls in the name of consumer safety, they often fail to provide even the most basic financial support for people who have already been injured by their products. This is why many injured consumers have turned to ladder recall lawyers for help recovering financial compensation. A lawsuit can help secure compensation for all damages related to the injuries you suffered in a fall from a defective ladder.

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Recent Examples Of Ladder Recalls

In recent years, prominent ladder manufacturers have issued recalls for certain products after manufacturing and design defects were discovered. These recalls generally offer either a refund, a replacement product, repair instructions, or some combination of the three. In some cases, these manufacturers have failed to issue recalls even after receiving hundreds or thousands of complaints from their customers.

Defective Werner Co. Ladders

While consumers have filed complaints about several Werner Co. products, the company’s attic ladders are the most notorious for hazardous defects:

  • Space Master Attic Ladder Recall – In 1997, Werner Co. recalled about 400 units of their Space Master sliding attic ladders (model WS2308) because of a manufacturing defect. On some units, the metal hooks which were designed to hold the ladder in place were incorrectly installed. This meant the ladder could drop from the ceiling without warning, posing an injury hazard. Owners of these ladders were issued instructions for inspection and repair.
  • Easy Access Ladder Defects – Werner’s Easy Acess Attic Ladder was never recalled, even though the company received up to 80 complaints per week when the product was on the market between 2003-2008. A class-action lawsuit was eventually filed against the company, but only the representative plaintiff received financial compensation. The other plaintiffs only received replacement products.

Louisville Ladder Recalls

Louisville Ladder has issued three major product recalls since 1999:

  • RIDGID® Stepladders – About 10,700 units of these stepladders were recalled in 1999 because of defective steps. Some units had steps which were too short and improperly attached to the other parts of the ladder.
  • Type IA Industrial Ladders – Roughly 3,000 units of Type IA industrial ladders were recalled in 2005 because of weak rungs.
  • Louisville/Davidson & Michigan Brand Extension Ladders – In 2008, Louisville issued a recall for about 25,000 of these extension ladders because the extension on some units failed to lock into place.

Ladder Recall Lawyers Secure Settlements & Verdicts For Injury Victimsmetal ladder outdoors

If you’ve been considering a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a defective ladder, you might be wondering how much financial compensation you can expect to recover in a settlement or court verdict. These amounts vary widely depending on the circumstances of a particular case. It can be helpful to read summaries of similar cases if you want to get a rough idea of what these types of cases are worth. But in order to determine how much your case is worth, we suggest discussing the details of your accident with an experienced product liability lawyer.

Florida Jury Awards $4.7 Million In Defective Ladder Lawsuit

In 2017, a Fort Lauderdale man was awarded $4.7 million in a civil court lawsuit against ladder manufacturer Tricam Industries Inc. and retailer Home Depot USA Inc. The man fell from one of Tricam’s 12-foot ladders when the rung he was standing on suddenly collapsed. He suffered severe injuries to the entire right side of his body, a herniated disk in his neck, an elbow injury, and was required to undergo two surgeries for a shoulder injury.

The jury divided the verdict award into $1.8 million for loss of future earning capacity, $517,000 for past lost earnings, $223,000 for future medical care, and $200,799 for past medical expenses. They also awarded $367,000 in past noneconomic damages and $1.6 million for future noneconomic damages (like pain, suffering, disability, loss of quality of life, etc).

Staten Island Man Secures $750k Settlement After Construction Work Ladder Fall

In 2017, A Staten Island construction worker accepted a $750,000 settlement for damages related to an injury he suffered in a ladder fall at work. He suffered a chip fracture and facet fracture of his lumbar spine and required surgery for the injuries.

The worker filed a lawsuit against the owner of the construction site, claiming that the ladder provided was defective because of a missing locking mechanism. The suit also claimed that the ladder was the wrong type for the nature of the work he was assigned to and that the accident may have been prevented if a scaffold or scissor lift had been available.

Philadelphia Woman Paralyzed In Ladder Accident Receives $7 Million Settlement

In 2017, a Philadelphia woman and her husband agreed to a $7 million settlement after she fell from a Saf-T-Master Type II Household ladder while attempting to save a cat from a tree. The woman suffered severe spinal injuries which let her partially quadriplegic, was forced to undergo several neck surgeries, and was unable to return to her career in professional cleaning.

The couple sued ladder manufacturers Pld Ladder and Werner Co, along with retailer Gay’s True Value. The complaint claimed that the manufacturers were aware of the dangerous and defective locking mechanism which allegedly caused the accident.

Will I Need A Lawyer?

Yes – in virtually all product liability cases, it’s necessary to have an experienced lawyer by your side. The manufacturers of these ladders are large corporations who have the resources to hire teams of attorneys who specialize in winning these lawsuits. But if you’re represented by a product liability firm with a track record of success, you’ll greatly increase your odds of success.

Our skilled ladder recall lawyers can help you gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent you through each aspect of the legal process. In many cases, you may arrive at a settlement without needing to take the matter to court. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can take the first steps towards securing the financial support you need following a defective ladder injury.

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