Have you experienced health complications because of faulty surgical staples? It’s likely you’ve already heard the Ethicon lawsuit TV commercials and have questions such as:

  • Can I receive compensation?
  • Am I even eligible to file a surgical staple lawsuit?
  • Should I hire a lawyer?

Ethicon Surgical Stapler Lawsuits

If you were harmed due to a faulty Ethicon surgical stapler, regardless of the procedure, get in touch with our team now. All your medical expenses, as well as lost wages and other damages, could be covered by financial compensation.

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If a surgeon’s tools end up harming patients, victims and their loved ones have the right to seek answers through the civil justice system. 

— Laurence Banville, Esq.

Ethicon TV Commercials – Lawyers Represent Victims Of Faulty Surgical Staplers

It can be hard for the normal person to think of a pharmaceutical or medical device company as just another business. The fact is, some of these corporations become so large that they’re intimidating, even if they claim their mission is to help other people.

Just like any other business, even these large companies can be held responsible when their products cause harm to consumers. It doesn’t matter if the product is a TV, a kitchen table, or a surgical stapler, the manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that undue harm does not come to consumers of their product.

Nevertheless, facing a medical device company in litigation is certainly not the same as facing a small business. The largest corporations are able to hire the best defective product lawyers to defend their interests.

This doesn’t take away the fact that you have the right to arm yourself with experienced legal representation as well. If you work with The Product Lawyers, you can be confident that an attorney experienced in defective surgical stapler lawsuits will be there to build a formidable case on your behalf.

We know how emotionally traumatizing it can be when a routine medical procedure goes awry due to a malfunctioning surgical stapler. We also understand the financial pressure your loved ones may be feeling with bills growing by the day. We can help you fight for the justice and compensation that you deserve.

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Surgical Stapler on Doctor's TableWhether they know it or not, even those individuals who have undergone minor surgical procedures may have received internal staples and not be aware of it.

You may already be familiar with external surgical staples. These are used to close skin cuts so that they heal quicker and have a reduced chance of becoming infected. Internal staples differ slightly from those used externally, though the concept is the same. An internal staple is used to close cuts in organs and other delicate tissues.

The main difference between these two is the fact that external staples are usually removed by a healthcare provider once the wound heals. Alternatively, internal staples aren’t always removed.

Internal staples are engineered with this in mind. In fact, they’re often made of titanium or other resistant materials. Yet, there exist severe complications that are not caused by the makeup of the staple but in how it is applied.

Ethicon Surgical Stapler Malfunction

The issues with surgical staples often arise from the poor application of the staples themselves. This is to say, due to a malfunction in the stapler, the staple doesn’t properly perform its function.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reported that Ethicon stapler malfunctions can cause staples to be malformed when they’re applied. Internal staples fulfill the critical role of closing wounds after procedures or when organ damage results from trauma. However, if a staple isn’t properly applied and the surgeon does not notice this issue, the consequences may literally be fatal.

Consider the FDA’s own resource on the matter which states that a malformed staple may cause:

  • prolonged surgical procedures
  • anastomotic leaks after surgery
  • internal bleeding
  • hemorrhagic shock
  • the need for other surgeries to correct mistakes (when they are found)
  • death

When you also consider that surgical staples are used in countless procedures each and every day, the gravity of the situation becomes clear. Surgical staplers that are malfunctioning need to be removed from operations rooms across the nation before they cause more harm to inadvertent patients.

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Ethicon Stapler TV Commercials Alert Victims To Legal Options

If you’ve reached this resource, it’s likely that you’ve already heard the TV commercials speaking about lawsuits against Ethicon for their staplers. You may be skeptical as to whether compensation could be obtained.

The truth in the matter is that filing a lawsuit for a faulty surgical stapler is no simple case. Defective product cases can be quite complex, and they can take make years. Worst of all, some plaintiffs wait for years and may still end up losing their case.

So, while substantial compensation is definitely achievable, the difficulty of achieving it speaks to the importance of choosing the right legal team to represent you. The Product Lawyers have the experience you want by your side, and even if you’re unsure of whether you want to file a claim, you can still consult for free.

Simply call our 24/7 helpline or fill out the form on this page. We will analyze your case and explain all of the legal options at your disposal. You’ll be under no obligation to work with us and you’ll owe us nothing unless we’re able to achieve compensation on your behalf.

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