Pressure Cooker Explosion

Cuisinart Class Action Filed Over Allegedly Defective Pressure Cooker

A new class action lawsuit filed in Connecticut federal court accuses kitchen appliance giant Cuisinart of manufacturing and marketing a defective pressure cooker, Fox 19 reports. Pressure Cooker Explosion Leads To Cuisinart Class Action Cuisinart's CPC-600 series pressure cooker can explode at a moment's notice, according to plaintiff Shelly Wicklund, who claims in court documents [...]

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Pressure Cooker Explosion Leaves British Victim With Severe Burns

A British woman who suffered horrific injuries when her pressure cooker suddenly exploded last Christmas is finally sharing her story, telling reporters at The Sun that an apparent malfunction in her Russell Hobbs pressure cooker led to "absolutely excruciating" burns, weekly visits to a burn treatment specialist and lost time at work. UK Grandmother Burned In [...]

Two Florida Couples File New Exploding Pressure Cooker Lawsuits

Two new pressure cooker lawsuits were filed in the US District Court of Florida on September 22, 2017, accusing Tristar Products of selling and manufacturing a defective product, the Power Pressure Cooker XL. With these two latest filings, the growing pressure cooker litigation has now come to include over 20 personal injury lawsuits scattered across [...]

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Mid-Trial Settlement Resolves Power Pressure Cooker XL Class Action

A federal jury trial has been held in Cleveland to decide whether or not Tristar Products, manufacturer of the Power Pressure Cooker XL, marketed and sold a product with "serious and dangerous" design defects. A judgment, however, was never rendered. Records from the US District Court of the Northern District of Ohio show that, during [...]

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Power Pressure Cooker XL Lawsuit Filed Against Tristar, Costco

A woman from Santa Barbara, California is suing Tristar Products and Costco, writing in her new complaint that a Power Pressure Cooker XL suddenly exploded during normal operation, leading to severe burns, excruciating pain and permanent scarring. Her lawsuit, now pending in the US District Court for the Central District of California, was filed on [...]

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Wolfgang Puck Under Fire For “Exploding” Pressure Cookers

Dozens of injured consumers have filed pressure cooker lawsuits, accusing a litany of appliance companies of manufacturing, selling and marketing defective cookers that can explode at a moment's notice. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has registered many of these incidents, describing the terror and severe injuries that many home cooks have experienced. Is The Wolfgang [...]

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Tristar Products Settles Second Power Pressure Cooker XL Claim

Tristar Products has entered an undisclosed settlement agreement with a couple who accused the New Jersey-based company of manufacturing a defective faulty pressure cooker. In their federal claim, officially closed on August 17, 2017, the Texas couple described their horror when a Power Pressure Cooker XL suddenly exploded the first time they tried to use [...]

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