Ethicon Class-Action Lawsuit Due To Malfunctioning Surgical Staplers

  Ethicon stapler lawsuit TV commercials, which have shined a light on the mounting legal claims, have also caused many to ask whether a class-action should be brought against the manufacturer of the medical device. [...]

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U.S. FDA Issues Ethicon Stapler Recall

Ethicon surgical stapler lawsuit TV commercials have alerted consumers to the legal actions which victims of defective medical devices have already taken. However, some would ask whether, in the face of the risk posed by [...]

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Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) Established For Paragard IUD Lawsuits

Paragard lawsuit TV commercials have done a proper job of getting the word out there regarding the risks associated with Paragard use. Dozens of women have already come forward with legal claims after having suffered [...]

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Studies Find Connection Between Heart Attacks and Leading Gout Medication Uloric

Does Uloric Cause Heart Problems? In early 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publicly announced that the gout medication Uloric (with the active ingredient febuxostat) carries an increased risk of heart-related and overall deaths [...]

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