Did you see a TV commercial notifying rheumatoid arthritis patients to a growing litigation over the new drug Actemra? It’s true. Actemra has been linked to a host of severe side effects and many patients believe they were never warned about the risks.

  • Heart attack, stroke
  • Pancreatitis and interstitial lung disease

Patients and families are now filing Actemra lawsuits, demanding compensation for medical expenses, lost wages  and suffering.

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If Roche lied to the public about Actemra’s risks, the company should be held accountable in court.

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A number of law firms have begun to run television commercials about the rheumatoid arthritis drug Actemra. These ads, often found on local stations, alert patients and families to a growing number of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits filed over Actemra and the drug’s link to severe complications. Actemra commercials usually note four specific medical conditions: pancreatitis, interstitial lung disease, heart attack and stroke. Some ads also note that, while these are common, though severe, side effects of many rheumatoid arthritis treatments, none are even mentioned in Actemra’s warning materials.

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Actemra TV Ads Notify Patients Of Growing Litigation

The experienced attorneys at The Product Lawyers do not produce TV commercials, but we are committed to providing patients and families with the latest and most-comprehensive news on pharmaceutical drug litigation available. Our lawyers are also devoted to providing interested parties with individual legal consultations, at absolutely no charge and no obligation.

If you or a loved one developed severe side effects after taking Actemra, contact our legal team now to learn more about your options. Thousands of rheumatoid arthritis patients may be eligible to secure financial compensation from Roche, the Swiss pharmaceutical company responsible for Actemra.

Alleged Actemra Risks & Side Effects

Older rheumatoid arthritis drugs, like Humira and Remicade, can cause severe complications, including:

  • heart attack, or myocardial infarction, occurs when the heart is deprived of oxygen, resulting in the death of heart tissue and permanent organ damage.
  • heart failure is a progressive process in which the muscles in the heart weaken and swell, inhibiting the organ’s ability to pump blood properly
  • stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted for some reason, leading to the death of brain tissue and, in many cases, permanent disability
  • interstitial lung disease refers to a collection of lung disorders that all cause inflammation and scarring in the interstitium, a layer of tissues that surround the air sacs in the lungs
  • pancreatitis happens when the pancreas, an organ that produces enzymes and hormones, becomes inflamed and can lead to organ failure and other life-threatening complications

Recent research suggests that Actemra can cause these same conditions at nearly identical, or even higher, rates. An analysis of FDA side effect reports, for example, found that Actemra and Humira patients develop interstitial lung diseases at almost the same exact rate, according to medical journalism outfit STAT. Compared in another study to Enbrel, Actemra actually caused higher rates of stroke and heart failure than the competitor drug.

None of these results, however, have trickled out of obscure medical journals to reach the public. Roche has been advertising Actemra as a safer alternative since the drug hit the US market in 2010. Despite troubling study findings, the warning label for Actemra never mentions heart attack, stroke, pancreatitis or interstitial lung disease. Competitor drugs Humira, Remicade and Enbrel, on the other hand, bear prominent warnings about most, if not all, of these conditions.

Why Are Patients & Families Filing Lawsuits?

It’s no surprise that arthritis patients and grieving families have begun to file lawsuits against Roche. In their legal complaints, these plaintiffs accuse the Swiss drug manufacturer of failing to warn healthcare providers and the public about a major public safety risk. Despite early evidence of significant complications, including a Japanese clinical trial in which 15 patients died, the patients who have filed lawsuits say Roche never made Actemra’s alleged side effects a matter of public information. Instead, they claim, the company concealed the drug’s true consequences in order to increase revenues.

How Can We Learn More About Case Eligibility?

Our experienced attorneys offer a free consultation to anyone interested in learning more about filing an Actemra lawsuit. Your consultation comes at no charge, is fully confidential and does not obligate you to hire our lawyers. We’re committed to providing you with accurate information – no strings attached. Just call today or fill out our online contact form to find more information.