We are an experienced firm of lawyers that aggressively protects the rights of our clients.

We have many years of experience fighting large pharmaceutical companies who have put dangerous drugs and devices onto the market, foregoing public safety for corporate greed.

Strong Representation. Big Results.

As a law firm, we recognize our strengths. One of those strengths is teamwork. We work very closely with other law firms around the United States on mass torts. We do this because we recognize that the “big pharma” giants have virtually unlimited resources to defend a lawsuit, and in order to level the playing field, we know that when plaintiff attorneys form an “alliance” in a litigation, the collective group of clients that we all represent benefit.

We will typically form such alliances with firms who are actively engaged in the leadership of a particular mass tort litigation. This results in our alliance being at the forefront of the litigation so that:

  1. we can deliver the most up to date information and litigation statuses to our clients; and
  2. we are totally invested in the litigation, to the extent that all attorneys feel that “your case is our case.”